• Do not utilize low-cost, lightweight wooden poles. Select darkish and tougher poles, which can be much denser as well as survive for more time.
  • Rinse the ends of timber poles with the protective solution for a day before installing. Utilize a deep box, make sure to double coats the remaining part.
  • When the ends are drenching. Make it dried out completely.
  • When the wooden preservative completely dried out, the similar method is applied with an external timber lubricate for extra protective cover.
  • Place some height of gravel at the base of panel holes, for water drainage poles must stick out a couple of inches into the land.
  • Fill the concrete above the mud levels. Smooth out the exterior, preferably making it incline away from the post in the direction of the floor for water drainage.
  • Utilize a high-quality external siliconized which is used to stay with concrete.
  • Recoat the fencing poles to re-seal again.

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When considering the timber boundary, decay is usually your most awful invader. It impacts on the visual attractiveness of your fence, as dropping your fence ’s toughness and also durability. Timber fences usually stay in touch with soil over long-term time. But, there are many steps you can take to stop the scatter of rot.

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